#MeToo: What’s Next

Presented by Sarah H. Lamar at the 2019 SHRM-Atlanta HR Conference in Atlanta, Georgia, on March 27, 2019.

The Harvey Weinstein scandal prompted similar revelations of misconduct by many actors, comedians, celebrities, politicians, and .com executives. It then sparked a broader national conversation about sexual violence, emboldened by the #MeToo movement. But sexual harassment claims have been around the American workplace for decades.

This program explored how social media has changed the ways employers respond to sexual and other harassment allegations; what happens when the alleged harasser is a key figure in the company; and what the best practices are for investigating harassment claims and, conversely, the worst practices to avoid. Sarah also discussed actions that employers can take to prevent such claims from occurring in the place.

In this session, Sarah reviewed the EEOC’s latest guidance on harassment claims and training, discussed the best practices for responding to allegations of harassment, and outlined effective harassment prevention training.