Giving Back: Volunteer Coaching at the West Broad YMCA

In keeping with HunterMaclean’s longstanding tradition of community service, two of the firm’s attorneys recently coached teams for the West Broad Street YMCA’s youth soccer program.

Colin McRae and  Carson Bacon, both avid soccer players, coached practices and games to help boys and girls12-and-under learn basic soccer skills.  Along the way, they were able to share some important life lessons.

“The kids learned teamwork and the importance of getting in shape, as well as sportsmanship, respecting their teammates and respecting the other team,” said McRae, an accomplished litigator and admiralty law attorney. “The lessons learned on and off the field will stay with these kids long after the season is over.”

Bacon, an employment law attorney and member of the Firm’s Business Litigation Group, noted that the YMCA soccer program was the first time many of the kids had played an organized sport of any kind. “The kids saw that practice really does help you, and that showing up makes a difference,” she said. “They learned that you all come together when you practice together, which is a great lesson for any kid.”

Founded in 1942, the West Broad Street YMCA serves an area where many children live below the poverty level. Executive director and CEO Peter Doliber credited HunterMaclean with providing exceptional volunteer coaches who made a positive impact through their leadership, guidance and support.  “This experience is life-changing for these kids,” he said. “They have grown so much. It’s priceless.”