2015 Savannah Fiduciary Seminar

The Savannah Fiduciary Seminar is a panel of five experienced professionals in the field of defined contribution plans who come together to share insights and practical tips on meeting key fiduciary duties of sponsors and administrators in participant-directed 401(k) and other defined contribution plans. The 2015 event was held at the Savannah Golf Club on April 30.

The Savannah Fiduciary Seminar consists of Rick Pummill (CLU, QPA, QKA) of The Retirement Plan Company, Randall Webb (CPA) of TJS Deemer Dana, Julia Butler (JD, MBA) of The Fiduciary Group, and Rebecca Sczepanski (JD, CPA), ERISA and employee benefits attorney at HunterMaclean. The panel was moderated by Rushe Hudzinski (MBA, GPHR), president of the Savannah chapter of the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM).

The presentations covered Plan design, administration, and testing; reporting and disclosures; plan investments; participant communications; plan audits, and more.

PowerPoints and podcasts of each presentation are below. To view the Powerpoints, click on the arrows below the image. To listen to the podcast, click the arrow on the black play bar below each PowerPoint.




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Panelists Q and A

Panel Q&A session podcast, addressing questions including hardships, loan penalties, new IRA regulations, and more. Click play bar below.