Video: Pure Business Seminar on Buy-Sell Agreements

February 13, 2014

The Pure Business Seminar on buy-sell agreements was presented on February 13, 2014. During the one-hour lunch-and-learn, Daniel Crook of HunterMaclean, Daniel Rowe of TJS Deemer Dana, Brad Whitfield of Coastal Consulting Management Group  Tony Martin of Martin Financial Group explored the intricacies of buy-sell agreements. The four panelists addressed the buy-sell agreement from their areas of focus: legal issues, tax concerns, valuation, and funding.

Buy-sell agreements provide a guideline for transferring ownership interests in a company. A buy-sell may be triggered many many factors, including retirement, death, or disablement of one of the partners, sale of the business, family changes, or disagreement. In these cases, an effective buy-sell agreement is necessary to avoid litigation.

By bringing together a diverse group of professionals to discuss each issue, the Pure Business Seminar Series strives to educate local business owners on important issues.

To view a video of the full hour-long program, please click here.

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