Video: Employment Law Issues During COVID-19 with Guest Wade Herring of HunterMaclean

April 17, 2020

Marjorie Young, CEO of Carriage Trade Publications, invited employment attorney Wade Herring to speak as a guest on her YouTube video series, “Open for Business.” During their discussion, which streamed live on April 17, 2020, Marjorie asked Wade to explain the employment law issues surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic and what small business owners can do to survive this crisis.

Three tips for the small business owner:

  1. Your number one priority is keep your business intact.
  2. Your thinking needs to adapt for at least the next two years.
  3. The law informs your decisions, but your business mission comes first.

Three things that small business owners need to know:

  1. Unemployment benefits are relatively generous right now.
  2. Wage/hour laws and all the other employment laws still apply.
  3. Business owners and managers have broad discretion to act.

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