Women’s Initiative Wine Tasting Goes Hollywood

April 27, 2016

With movies like Baywatch in production, the film and television industry is making a huge economic impact on the Savannah area. The $58 million that productions spent in Chatham County in 2015 was spread over a wide variety of locations, vendors, and workforce; it even influenced the wine industry. The theme for this wine tasting was Hollywood: Wines and Wineries. Kathleen O’Sullivan, the On Premise Division Manager for National Distributing Co & Atlanta Wholesale Wine, put together a list of wines that were either started by filmmakers or inspired by movies. The event took place at Savannah Coffee Roasters on April 27.

The HunterMaclean Women’s Initiative provides peer-to-peer networking for top Savannah executives, community leaders, business owners, and decision makers.

Attendees at the 7th Annual Women’s Initiative Wine Tasting at Savannah Coffee Roasters