Legal Considerations in Implementing your Vision

Presented by Milton L. Petersen and Colin A. McRae at the Southeastern Warehouse Association Convention in Hilton Head Island, South Carolina, on September 18, 2015.

Your company’s vision is a 30,000’ view of where your business is headed. This presentation takes a ground-level view, reviewing important aspects of your contracts, your business structure, and your technology agreements to ensure that your vision is supported by a sound legal foundation.

  • Agreements: Are all of your agreements up-to-date and do they encompass all aspects of the business relationship? These include client, vendor, and employee agreements, as well as operating and buy/sell agreements.
  • Structure: Each type of business structure provides different levels of control and liability, and carries different tax consequences. Is the structure you chose when you set up your business still the right structure for you? Are your agreements and structure in line with your succession planning?
  • Technology: Your ERP and related software licensing contracts may be some of the most complex agreements you enter into. Technology is changing at the speed of light – are your company’s interests properly protected under your ERP and related licensing agreements, so you can adapt to that speed of change? Do your agreements address the ever-increasing threat of “cyber liability?”