What’s Next with the #MeToo Movement? An Employer’s Evolving Obligations

Presented by Sarah H. Lamar to the Savannah Area Chapter of SHRM

You have read about it or seen it on TV. Almost 150 prominent people have been accused of sexual harassment or worse in recent months. Countless others have been accused without making headlines. Make no mistake: one does not have to be famous to be “next.” There is a change underway, the likes of which have not been seen since 1990. The evolving view of harassment could seriously affect your business, its leaders, and its brand.

In this seminar for the Savannah Area Chapter of SHRM, Sarah Lamar covered the following topics:

  • How is the #MeToo movement changing the paradigm?
  • What changes must occur so employers can effectively respond?
  • How to improve your organization’s harassment prevention program, including training.
  • Best practices for responding to and investigating complaints.