Alan Brown has a strong national reputation for developing innovative estate planning and business strategies for family-owned companies and high net worth individuals with substantial interests throughout the country. He creates individually tailored structures for clients that allow them to maintain control of their businesses through multiple generations while also limiting business, personal, estate, and gift tax obligations to the minimum amount allowable under the law.

He has created unique estate planning and business solutions for clients’ challenges, including inventing the legal structure for the first billion-dollar hedge fund for life insurance policies and inventing a deferred limited liability company structure that provides the benefits of freeze partnerships without requiring annual payments of cash or property to the founder. Alan is recognized as a national expert on structuring the acquisition, ownership, and financing of life insurance policies by individuals, businesses, and multiple-generation trusts.

A former successful trial lawyer at a prominent law firm, Alan set aside the traditional litigation side of his practice and now develops unique strategies for responding to tax audits. He has obtained no change letters in estate tax audits; gift and GST tax audits, including two formula gift and GST tax audits; a personal income tax audit; and a TEFRA partnership audit.